Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies And How To Tune Into Them

If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your daily radio listening experience, then check out Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies. These frequencies offer a unique mix of programming that is not available on other stations. If you’re interested in tuning into Radio Moscow, there are a few things you need to know. First, the frequencies used by Radio Moscow are specific to Europe and North America. Secondly, the station broadcasts in English, Russian, and Czech. Finally, Radio Moscow is available on both AM and FM frequencies. To get started tuning into Radio Moscow, all you need is an antenna and an appropriate receiver. If you only have AM coverage, then an adaptive tuner can help you pick up the signal. Once you have the frequency and receiver set up, simply hit play and enjoy the sounds of Radio Moscow! Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies

What are Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies?

Radio Moscow is a Russian government-funded international shortwave broadcasting service that broadcasts on five frequencies: 9 kHz, 14.1 MHz, 21 kHz, 29.9 MHz, and 38 kHz. These frequencies are available worldwide on shortwave radios with an appropriate aerial and antenna.

To listen to Radio Moscow, you need a radio that can receive shortwave broadcasts and an antenna. Shortwave radios come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that will fit in your home or office. If you don’t have a shortwave radio yet, you can purchase one online or from your local electronics store.

Once you’ve got your radio and antenna set up, it’s time to tune in! To start listening to Radio Moscow, use the following frequency guide:

Radio Moscow Frequency Guide
1) Tune your radio to 9 kHz and wait for the station identification signal to fade in (about 5 seconds).
2) Once the signal has faded into view, dial up 14.1 MHz using the band selector knob or scan through the channels using the channel scanning feature on your receiver.
3) Next tune in Radio Moscow 21 kHz using either method.
4) Finally tune in Radio Moscow 29.9 MHz using either method (channel scanning is recommended).
5) Finally tune in Radio Moscow 38 kHz using either method (channel scanning is recommended).
6) When all six frequencies have been tuned

How to Tune Into Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies

Radio Moscow is a government-owned international shortwave radio service broadcasting on medium wave frequencies. The station broadcasts in Russian and offers a variety of programming including news, talk shows, music, and information about the Soviet Union and Russia.

There are three main ways to tune into Radio Moscow: through an AM/FM tuner, using an internet-connected computer or satellite receiver, or by using a shortwave receiver.

Option 1: Tune Your AM/FM Tuner To Radio Moscow’s Medium Wave Frequencies
First, find Radio Moscow’s medium wave frequency on your regional FM broadcast map. Once you’ve found it, tune your radio to the frequency and wait for the station to start broadcasting.

If you’re using an AM/FM tuner with digital tuning capability, you can use the seek function to automatically track the station as it broadcasts. You can also manually select the station by following its frequency on your tuner display.

Option 2: Tune Your Computer Or Satellite Receiver To Radio Moscow’s Medium Wave Frequencies
To tune in to Radio Moscow via your computer or satellite receiver, first connect the device to the internet. Then open a web browser and navigate to On this website, click on “Listen live” in the top left corner of the screen. This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to listen to live audio from Radio Moscow without having to install

Why Listen to Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies?

The shortwave frequencies of Radio Moscow Shortwave Frequencies are a great way to get around the globe without having to use any expensive equipment. The frequencies that Radio Moscow broadcasts on are actually available all over the world, so you can listen from almost anywhere.

If you want to tune in to Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies, you will first need to find out what country they are broadcasting in. This information is usually included in the program listings or at the bottom of their website. Once you know which frequency they are using, all you need is a shortwave radio and an antenna.

Radio Moscow’s shortwave frequencies operate between 5200 and 5700 kHz. To find their frequency, just look for the green “5200” or “5700” symbol on your radio dial and tune in towards that frequency. You can also use a Short Wave Locator app like SWLing Post or Sangean AVR-1910 Short Wave Receiver with SWLing USB Dongle to locate Radio Moscow’s broadcast signals automatically.


If you’re looking for a way to tune into Russian programming without leaving your home, you’re in luck. Radio Moscow broadcasts on shortwave frequencies, which means that you can pick them up with an antenna even if you don’t have access to satellite or cable TV. So if broadcasting propaganda from the Kremlin isn’t your thing but you still want some insight into Russian culture and politics, try tuning into Radio Moscow on shortwave frequencies!

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