Your Complete Guide to ifunTV: Pricing, Content and More

As a viewer, you’re likely familiar with the major streaming services available today like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. However, you may not have heard of ifunTV, a new streaming service dedicated to bringing you popular Chinese TV shows and movies. If you’re interested in expanding your streaming options to include high-quality Chinese content, ifunTV provides an affordable solution. For just $4.99 per month, you’ll gain access to a vast library of popular Chinese dramas, comedies, action series and more. In this complete guide to ifunTV, you’ll learn everything you need to know about their content offerings, pricing plans, and streaming features so you can decide if a subscription is right for you. Whether you’re already a fan of Chinese media or looking to discover something new, ifunTV aims to bring you the best in entertainment from China.

What Is ifunTV? Your Binge-Worthy Asian Content Streaming Service

ifunTV is a streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment. For a monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to popular dramas, variety shows, movies, and more from countries like South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

An Extensive Library of Asian Content

ifunTV has one of the largest collections of Asian media available for streaming. You’ll find well-known titles like Boys Over Flowers and Meteor Garden as well as hidden gems you’ve yet to discover. New content is added each week so there’s always something fresh to watch.

Affordable Plans for Any Budget

Subscription plans start at just $4.99/month with options to upgrade for higher video quality and access on more devices. You can cancel at any time so there’s no long-term contract to commit to.

Watch Anywhere on Your Favorite Devices

Enjoy your favorite Asian dramas and movies on phones, tablets, streaming media players, smart TVs, and computers. ifunTV apps are available for iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV. Offline viewing lets you download content to watch even without an Internet connection.

A Community of Fellow Fans

Connect with other ifunTV members to get recommendations, react to the latest plot twists, and bond over shared interests in Asian entertainment. You can also follow influencers and official show accounts to stay up-to-date on cast activities, behind-the-scenes footage, and announcements of new seasons.

With a catalog of popular and hard-to-find Asian TV shows and movies, affordable pricing, cross-device compatibility, and an enthusiastic community of users, ifunTV has everything the Asian drama fan could want in an streaming service. Sign up today for your entertainment passport to the best of Asia’s film and television.

ifunTV Subscription Plans and Pricing: Which One Is Right for You?

ifunTV offers three main subscription plans to suit your needs and budget:

The Basic plan provides access to ifunTV’s full content library of TV shows, movies, sports, news and more for $9.99/month. This no-frills option is ideal if you want to keep costs low while enjoying ifunTV’s essential entertainment offerings.

The Standard plan builds on the Basic plan by adding the ability to stream on up to two devices simultaneously in high definition (HD) for $14.99/month. This mid-tier choice is optimal if you want HD streaming on a couple of screens at a time.

The Premium plan offers the best value for frequent streamers and families. For $19.99/month, you can stream on up to four devices in up to 4K ultra HD, download select titles to watch offline, and get access to additional sports coverage and events. Premium also allows you to create up to five individual profiles for personalized recommendations and watch lists.

In summary, ifunTV has an affordable subscription option for most any need or budget. Compare the plans based on streaming quality, number of simultaneous streams, available content, and price to determine which one suits you best. With flexible billing options and the ability to switch between plans or cancel at any time, you have the freedom to pay only for what you want.

The Content Library: Movies, TV Shows, Music and More

ifunTV offers a wide selection of on-demand content to suit any mood or interest. Their library includes:

  • Popular movies spanning all genres from action and adventure to sci-fi and fantasy. Both recent blockbusters and classic favorites are available.
  • A variety of TV shows including comedies, dramas, documentaries and reality series. Full seasons of programs are available shortly after the season finale airs. ifunTV also produces several original series exclusive to the service.
  • A music library with curated playlists for any occasion as well as the option to build your own custom playlists. Many music videos are also offered in high definition.
  • Content for children including animated movies and TV shows, learning videos and games to keep kids engaged and help them develop skills. Parental controls are provided to restrict access to mature content.
  • International and foreign language content including Spanish language TV shows and movies, British TV shows, Asian dramas and anime, Bollywood films and more. Dubbed or subtitled options are offered for most titles.

Sporting Events and News

For sports fans, ifunTV airs select live MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS and college sports games. They also provide on-demand replays of events shortly after they air. In addition to live sports, documentaries and analysis shows related to sports are available.

Local, national and world news coverage is provided through a live 24-hour news channel as well as on-demand news reports and documentaries on current events. News content aims to provide an unbiased and fact-based perspective.

With frequent updates and additions, ifunTV’s content library offers an always-expanding selection of movies, TV shows, music, news, sports and more to keep subscribers entertained. The service provides a well-rounded offering for the whole family at an affordable price.


In summary, ifunTV offers an affordable streaming service with a variety of content to suit most viewers. With options starting at just $4.99 per month, you’ll have access to popular movies, TV shows, live sports, and more. Whether you’re in the mood to binge-watch the latest hit series, catch up on the big game, or find a fun flick for family movie night, ifunTV has you covered. At any price point, you’re sure to find a subscription that fits your needs and budget. So why not give ifunTV a try? With their free 7-day trial, you have nothing to lose but hours of entertainment to gain. Discover for yourself why ifunTV is the streaming service that delivers.

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